Medical & Legal Malpractice

Our professional malpractice lawyers are experienced in the investigation, litigation and settlement of claims of innocent victims of medical and legal malpractice.  Medical providers such as physicians, nurses, chiropractors, pharmacists and therapists are generally compassionate and well-educated people who strive to help people when most needed.  Entities such as hospitals, clinics and laboratories also work toward the goal of providing care, treatment and health counseling.  Unfortunately, when medical providers are negligent the consequences can be devastating.  Similarly, legal providers such as attorneys and paralegals are typically knowledgeable and empathetic practitioners who work hard to protect the rights of their clients.  Regrettably, circumstances sometimes arise where a client’s legal rights are permanently impacted by a lawyer’s negligent representation.

At Freeman Howard, P.C. we examine every potential malpractice case very thoroughly and carefully.  We find that our clients appreciate an honest approach in trying to avoid bringing claims against professionals unless the negligence clearly warrants legal attention.  We make it our priority to understand the full spectrum of our client’s issues so that we may represent their best interests in the courtroom.  Our firm has access to extensive literature and a nationwide database of expert witnesses willing to investigate and assist with the claims of our clients.  

Freeman Howard, P.C. makes every effort to provide each potential malpractice victim a contingent fee attorney agreement so that his or her access to justice is not compromised or dependent upon his or her finances. Our client-focused approach and commitment to detail has allowed us to attain a high level of success for our clients in the practice areas of medical and legal malpractice.